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A passionate entrepreneur with +16 years of experience (I was just 14-years-old when I started learning my career!) who specializes in empowering people and businesses reach their visions and dreams. Starting entrepreneurial dreams come true is hard. Maintaining and growing a business is harder. 

Whether you’re thinking about jumping into the new job as an full or part-time entrepreneur, take a steps into the entrepreneurial world or you’re just beginning your journey as a dreamer and doer, I’m here to help you pave the way toward your visions and goals. Let me create more magic and less stress with human-to-human strategies. 

Serial entrepreneur, mother, content creator, soon-to-be-podcaster, three-time cancer survivor and marketing nerd helping (wannabe-)entrepreneurs unlock their potential, build bold brands and achieve life-changing results.

Hi, I'm Mira.

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Are you ready to match your heart with stress-free business strategies? Me too! That's why I've created show for you, my fellow entrepreuneurial-minded friend. I believe that time is the most valuable thing we can spend, so I promise to deliver episodes to you bite-sized fluff-free listenings three times per a week.

Business with Heart - Stories, Strategies and Mindset Skills starts in 2021. My third cancer battle is still going on, literally, in my head so this bilingual podcast is also my way to regain my voice as I’ve started learning again speaking in English and in Finnish. 

Join me (Mira!) as I chat to fellow entrepreneurial-minded go-getters like you over a hot green tea. From fearless dreams to helpful hints, this podcast covers it all.

Peeling back the layers of business and revealing the good, the bad and how to turn those lemons into lemonade.

business with heart

the podcast about stories, strategies and mindset skills

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Freshly Squeezed

♥Amina Mohamed
entrepreneur at Qj Diasporassa

“Mira, you made me speechless -in a good way. I feel like you’re the flow, you buust me up and take me forward. Before we met, I felt like ”Oh, I’ll do this and that when I’ve got time.” But after we met, I’ve got so much ideas from you and I’ve been coming back to your website and to your Instagram so many times. I am thankful our paths have crossed and I can’t wait our next meeting. ❤️”

Transformation 1


“Mira, your business coaching call was very useful. It clarified my services and I got new perspectives on which way to go from now on.

Your crisp and clear advices really help me to keep going forward. I felt like giving up, but with your practical advices I have succeed in doing my businesses's websites in just a ONE week.”

Transformation 2


“I strongly recommend Mira's services -even in that point where you wonder do you even have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. I needed someone who would kick my ass and advices that I wouldn't get any other trainings.

Basically, practical help and advices. A roadmap where to start and which steps to follow in order to get forward. ”

Transformation 3 


“Mira, I read your story frequently. Because you and your story inspire me to keep doing my thing. 🥰

Thank you so much for that! It's amazing how our dreams help us making it through tough times. 🙏🏽”

Transformation 4

Kind Words

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