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Fashion – Muoti

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[:en]♥ Why Turning 30 is awesome? EmpowerLand chats about age crises and gives 5 reasons to quit those at any age.

♥ Miksi kolmikymppisyys on mahtavaa? EmpowerLand keskustelee ikäkriisistä ja antaa sulle 5 syytä, miksi lopettaa kriiseily iässä kuin iässä.[:]

[:en]Why turning 30 is Awesome | Miksi 30 vuotta täyttäminen on mahtavaa[:]

Fashion - Muoti

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[:en]Need to find the best deals worth your money during the Cyber Weekend and Monday? Fashion Poetry is your guide number 1 when it comes to gathering the best deals that are more sustainable. ♥

Lähdetäänkö aarrejahtiin? Fashion Poetryn shoppailuoppaan avulla löydät shoppailuhysteriän keskellä ne säästämisen arvoiset diilit, jotka auttavat kestävemmissä valinnoissa. ♥[:]

[:en]The Ultimate Cyber Weekend and Cyber Monday Shopping Guide: Tips & Deals Worth Your Money[:]

Fashion – Muoti

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[:en]💖 Real talk: Are you showing up for your life? With some fall tones & style inspo while having a deep chat about the meaning of life, stories we leave behind and the power of goodness. I’m so happy that You are here! 💕

💖 Real talk: Elätkö sä Sun näköistä elämää? Inspiroidutaan syksyisistä sävyistä & tyylistä sekä pohditaan elämän tarkoitusta, mitä jätämme jälkeemme ja hyvyyden voimaa. Ihanaa, että Sä olet täällä! 💕[:]

[:en]On Dying, Motherhood, and What I leave behind || Kuolemisesta, äitiydestä ja siitä, mitä jätän jälkeeni[:]

Fashion - Muoti, Self-love - Itsensä rakastaminen

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[:en]Besides of giving You the Style inspiration on How to Style the Check on Check Trend, You better stop scrolling! Here’s an empowering reminder for You: don’t give up -no matter how dark or hopeless it gets. Read my inspiring story on fighting against deadly tumor in my head -and How to still Keep Going in Style ✨

Sen lisäksi, että saat tämän luettuasi aimoannoksen tyyli-inspiraatiota miten yhdistää ruutua ruudulla, niin älä enää scrollaa pois. Tässä on voimaannuttava muistutus juuri Sulle siitä, ettet koskaan luovuttaisi -edes niinä synkimpinä ja toivottomimpina hetkinä. Lue mun inspiroiva tarinani kamppailusta päässäni olevaa kasvainta vastaan -ja siitä, miten silti jatkaa etehepäin. ✨


[:en]Feel like Giving Up? Here’s how to Keep Going in Style[:]

Fashion – Muoti

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[:en]Empowering reminder for You: how you shouldn’t let anyone dull your sparkle -not even yourself. And full Guide on how to find 27 Glitter shoes to Love and introducing my new Powerful Pair. ✨

Voimaannuttava muistutus Sulle siitä, ettet antaisi kenenkään himmentää sitä Sun kimallustasi -edes itsesi. Ja opas siihen, miten löytää rakastuttavat 27 glitterkenkäparia sekä mun uusien voimapopojen esittely! ✨[:]

[:en]27 Glitter shoes to Love and my Powerful Pair[:]

Article about curageous dreamer

My outfits - Asukokonaisuuteni

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It’s my privilege to have You here! ♥ Come to see How to Boost that Courageous Dreamer inside of you with these Words of Encouragement. Also, a little breakthrough how this deadly tumour in my head will make me even more Fearless. Let’s get your fearless attitude floating!

Are you a Courageous Dreamer? Here’s Encouragement To Give You A Boost || Oletko rohkea unelmoija? Tässä rohkaisuboostia

Fashion – Muoti

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[:en]What’s your idea of Fashion Poetry’s future? Share your mind on this reader survey and read the story about courage behind these old outfit photos.[:]

[:en]The 4+1 Secrets of 8th Blog Anniversary + Annual Reader Survey || 4+1 Blogisalaisuutta + Vuosittainen lukijakysely[:]

Fashion – Muoti

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[:en] You know the feeling when you are just so in love with that one thing? That one thing that helped you discover yourself and impressing yourself more openly and boldly -gave you the peace of mind and a way to escape from that hell you were living. To me, fashion is that thing. It […]

[:en]Loving environment -but punishing fashion? || Ympäristön rakastamista -mutta muodin rankaisemista?[:]

Business - Yrittäjyys, Fashion - Muoti

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[:en] You know the feeling when first, you think like nothing actually changes because it all just seems to be going (or staying) smoothly with a replay? But then you notice when scrolling back, that everything has changed while you’ve been sailing smoothly in the waves of life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀And then you start to see. I […]

[:en]Dare to fail and take the risk || Uskalla epäonnistua ja ota riski[:]

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Shortly, I'm 30-years-old serial entrepreneur, hopeless life-romantic and three-time cancer survivor (and the third battle going on, literally, in my head). I'm living in Finland, drinking too much green tea and enjoying life to the fullest with my best friend aka Hubby and our miraculous fourth-grader. I’m here to empower, motivate and inspire you to believe that nothing in life is impossible while reminding you to live this one life -not just barely exist. I'm your go-to person who encourages you to live fully while building your dream life as a fellow dreamer or as an entrepreneur.

I believe in whimsy, wonder and that the journey of life should be filled with joyful adventures. Just like Oscar Wilde said it -life is too important to be taken seriously! Life really is a party 😍

Hi, I'm Mira. 

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