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[:en] You know the feeling when first, you think like nothing actually changes because it all just seems to be going (or staying) smoothly with a replay? But then you notice when scrolling back, that everything has changed while you’ve been sailing smoothly in the waves of life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀And then you start to see. I […]

[:en]Dare to fail and take the risk || Uskalla epäonnistua ja ota riski[:]

Entrepreneurship - Yrittäjyys, Fashion - Muoti

[:en] Hey there you beautiful!  I’m so thankful that you are here: a place where all-inclusive fashion and beauty meets inspiration for life. You may not know how much that means to me, but I just wanted to take a minute to say it aloud: thank you 💖 I also figured out that it’s time to […]

[:en]Heart-to-heart talk: About the mission behind The Fashion Poetry || Sydämeltä sydämelle puhe: The Fashion Poetryn missiosta[:]

Activism, The Fashion Poetry

[:en] Hei siellä ihanaiset, toivottavasti voitte hyvin! ❤️ Mulla olisi teille jälleen ihania uutisia, jotka liittyvät vahvasti itsensä rakastamiseen ja itsestään huolehtimiseen. Perjantaina starttaa Pohjois-Euroopan suurin lifestyle- ja hyvinvointitapahtuma I love me-messut, jotka järjestetään siis 19.10-21.10.2018 Helsingin Messukeskuksessa. Nämä huikeat messut ovat siis jo ihan nurkan takana ja itsellänikin on jälleen kunnia olla mukana kutsutun […]

[:en]I love me – Parhaat tärpit messuviikonloppuun & Arvonta[:]

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Every now and then in The Fashion Poetry, there’s been this article series about home and decoration. I started this article series in 2015 after a loooooong discussion with myself. I just realized that even though this is a fashion blog, I also want a teeny-weeny piece of home inspiration -deco and other things- here because […]

Who am I as a decorator? What kind of home inspires me? || Millainen olen sisustajana? Entä millainen koti mua inspiroi?


[:en] The feeling when you’re just about to share your selfie -but then you end up scrolling your feed that’s filled with gorgeous women. You’re very pleased about your running -and realizing someone was better. You just cleaned up your home and you’re so proud of it that you almost shared a photo of it […]

[:en]Things to remember when you think you’re not good enough || Muistilista niihin hetkiin, kun tuntuu ettet riitä[:]

Self-love - Itsensä rakastaminen

The headline’s question is something that’s been rollin’ on my mind for years now. And is something that is still very current. Especially now when there are so many influencers out there who advertise themselves as a plus-sized (clarification: I think it’s an extremely good thing that you can see diversity on influencers!) but I […]

Does curvy figure mean you are plus-sized? || Tekeekö kurvikas vartalo pluskokoisen?

Deep thoughts - Syvällistä

Sometimes the best way to spend your Sunday or any other day is with someone special in a material happiness. Which means spending a shopping day while going through everything going in life with your friend, getting inspired by the latest arrivals, sipping a warm drink and ordering the food that covers your shopping cardio […]

Shopping day with a friend + Discount codes just for you! || Shoppailupäivä ystävän kanssa + Alennuskoodeja vain sulle!

Style inspiration - Tyyli-inspiraatiota

[:en] After publishing The FP’s first “How’s my life doing”-article in the last week, I’ve received positive feedback from you, my lovely readers which felt amazing. And that sealed the deal; I’ll continue sharing more of my personal life every now and then. And here’s somehow relevant post coming up today, because I thought that […]

[:en]Fashion memories of summer and divided thoughts || Muotimuistoja kesältä ja hajanaisia ajatuksia[:]

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[:en] Do you know that feeling when somewhere during the day you just wish that, that day would be cancelled and you could just go back to bed? I know exactly how that feels, and unfortunately even too well -even though I rarely have even bad days. Instead, sometimes I feel those “down” moments during a day, even […]

[:en]You don’t always need to be a superhuman || Aina ei tarvitse olla se superihminen[:]

Self-love - Itsensä rakastaminen

Oh boy, what a month! Semi-vacay was good for my health and now when I’m living in this Hurryland, it has taken time away from blogging and especially from that only area that you can actually see; publishing new articles. Because there’s a lot of those (precisely over 220) on my publish list and some of those are waiting […]

Living in a Hurryland and sharing my feelings | Kuulumisia Kiirelandian keskeltä

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Serial entrepreneur, professional blogger, visionary of digital business, storyteller, marketing nerd and believer of the human-to-human strategies. Coach whose passion is seeing other entrepreneurs achieve their wildest dreams and serve them to  unleash their potential, build bold and aligned brands, create success stories and get life-changing  empowerment.

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