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Self-love – Itsensä rakastaminen

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[:en]♥ Why Turning 30 is awesome? EmpowerLand chats about age crises and gives 5 reasons to quit those at any age.

♥ Miksi kolmikymppisyys on mahtavaa? EmpowerLand keskustelee ikäkriisistä ja antaa sulle 5 syytä, miksi lopettaa kriiseily iässä kuin iässä.[:]

[:en]Why turning 30 is Awesome | Miksi 30 vuotta täyttäminen on mahtavaa[:]

Fashion - Muoti, Self-love - Itsensä rakastaminen

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[:en]Besides of giving You the Style inspiration on How to Style the Check on Check Trend, You better stop scrolling! Here’s an empowering reminder for You: don’t give up -no matter how dark or hopeless it gets. Read my inspiring story on fighting against deadly tumor in my head -and How to still Keep Going in Style ✨

Sen lisäksi, että saat tämän luettuasi aimoannoksen tyyli-inspiraatiota miten yhdistää ruutua ruudulla, niin älä enää scrollaa pois. Tässä on voimaannuttava muistutus juuri Sulle siitä, ettet koskaan luovuttaisi -edes niinä synkimpinä ja toivottomimpina hetkinä. Lue mun inspiroiva tarinani kamppailusta päässäni olevaa kasvainta vastaan -ja siitä, miten silti jatkaa etehepäin. ✨


[:en]Feel like Giving Up? Here’s how to Keep Going in Style[:]

Self-love – Itsensä rakastaminen

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[:en] The feeling when you’re just about to share your selfie -but then you end up scrolling your feed that’s filled with gorgeous women. You’re very pleased about your running -and realizing someone was better. You just cleaned up your home and you’re so proud of it that you almost shared a photo of it […]

[:en]Things to remember when you think you’re not good enough || Muistilista niihin hetkiin, kun tuntuu ettet riitä[:]

Self-love - Itsensä rakastaminen

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[:en] Do you know that feeling when somewhere during the day you just wish that, that day would be cancelled and you could just go back to bed? I know exactly how that feels, and unfortunately even too well -even though I rarely have even bad days. Instead, sometimes I feel those “down” moments during a day, even […]

[:en]You don’t always need to be a superhuman || Aina ei tarvitse olla se superihminen[:]

Self-love – Itsensä rakastaminen

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[:en] I’ve been smiling lately. A lot. And then there’s been moments that have taken that smile away. But I think this is how it supposed to be; sometimes things go smoother and sometimes there’s this bump on the road. I think this is called as a balance; life feels sweet with those occasional moments […]

[:en]10 reasons to smile + Outfit of contrasts | 10 syytä hymyyn + Kontrastien asu[:]

Boss Girl Career - Uraoivallukset, Self-love - Itsensä rakastaminen

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[:en] First off, I would like to thank you with all my heart for all your reactions to the previous article where I told you that my friend died. Your reactions mean a lot to me so a hearty thank you! ♡ But life will carry and it goes on. And in fashionpoetryish way; sometimes it’s all […]

[:en]About the magic of being a woman | Naiseudesta ja sen taianomaisuudesta[:]

Self-love – Itsensä rakastaminen

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[:en] I’ve been told that how useless it is that inside of me, there lies this unstoppable feeling towards fashion. I’ve been told that how I can do something this shallow with a big and an open heart? We all have our strengths, our own guide called intuition that leads us in the middle of […]

[:en]Fashion -nothing but shallowness? | Muoti -pelkkää pinnallisuutta?[:]

Self-love - Itsensä rakastaminen

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[:en] When you speak to yourself, remember to be kind, full of encouragement and positivity. ♡ Because the way you talk to yourself, that’s become your inner voice.You need to be your own best friend! Have a gentle week, lovelies! ♡ — Kun puhut itsellesi niin muista olla kiltti, täynnä rohkaisua ja positiivisuutta. ♡ Sillä se tapa, jolla […]

[:en]Be gentle to yourself | Ole lempeä itsellesi[:]

Self-love – Itsensä rakastaminen

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[:en] This text was so painful to write. Plus, I was afraid to open up about what a long-term (thirteen years exactly) bullying did to me. It tore me apart. They did it to me with their hurtful words, looks and actions. And even now, after so many years, I can still feel it. Feel […]

[:en]Why bullying tore me apart? | Miksi kiusaaminen rikkoi minut?[:]

Deep thoughts - Syvällistä, Self-love - Itsensä rakastaminen

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[:en] I think that we all need a time alone and there’s no guilt allowed.  A time that we are not around people. A time that we are not someone’s mother, daughter, spouse or a friend. A time when we are just us; just a human-being needing some me-time;time to recharge ourselves. It can be […]

[:en]4 Benefits of Alone time | Yksinolon neljä etua[:]

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