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baring it all in business

A passionate entrepreneur with +16 years of experience (I was just 14-years-old when I started learning my career!) who specializes in empowering people and businesses reach their visions and dreams. Starting entrepreneurial dreams come true is hard. Maintaining and growing a business is harder. 

Whether you’re thinking about jumping into the new job as an full or part-time entrepreneur, take a steps into the entrepreneurial world or you’re just beginning your journey as a dreamer and doer, I’m here to help you pave the way toward your visions and goals. Let me create more magic and less stress with human-to-human strategies. 

Serial entrepreneur, mother, content creator, soon-to-be-podcaster, three-time cancer survivor and marketing nerd helping (wannabe-)entrepreneurs unlock their potential, build bold brands and achieve life-changing results.

Hi, I'm mira.

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